The Impending Digital Blackout

In an age of Smartphones, Tablets, Social Media and Selfies, we have all become to some degree or another a professional photographer, a news reporter or journalist. Gone are the days when people were rushing for a camera or camcorder to capture those precious memories, moments or life events that were so often missed.

Having devices and platforms so readily available to us it has left us somewhat complacent. When you actually stop and think about it, instantly start to see a number of major factors that we rely on which are precarious and out of our control.

Let us discuss this by addressing three simple questions.

Where is your data?

Who has control of your data?

Can you rely on those Platforms/Devices?

When you take a picture and share it on social media, your data is stored in a number of places, in a number of different ways.

On your Phone

Quite simply, when you take a picture on your Device, that picture or video is stored on the Device.

You are in control of this data. Chances are you have given your phone permission to take pictures, to store pictures or to share it on to your connected Social Media platforms.

The reality of it all is that if you don’t share it on Social Media platforms you are solely responsible for the safe keeping and integrity of the data. You might well be comfortable with this, but let us consider just in a little more detail your responsibility.

No doubt in a year or two you will get a new phone, so what do you do with all that data, that you have created, on your phone ? How often do you connect your phone to a laptop or computer to back up it up? What happens if your phone gets lost, damaged or stolen?

You see, the privilege of being able to create or capture such data comes with its own set of responsibilities.

On Social Media Platforms

So you’ve taken some pictures and you’ve chosen to share them with the world on Social Media. Do you know where you data is stored? Do you know which Government legislation it is overlooked by? Who now “owns” your data? Does the Social Media platform have any usage rights? How does that make you feel?

So many questions!?

In all honesty you probably haven’t given that I thought, and you probably don’t really care, do you? Is hasn’t affected you up until now, so why worry?

A simple Google search will reveal that although you may still own the right of your data, the social media platforms have the privilege of using it for their outlined purposes in the terms of service agreed when you signed up, or use this platform.

So do you have control of your data upload onto social media platforms? What a tricky one to answer, but simply yes and no. For example what are the rights to your photograph when you tag your friends in the photograph?

All things like this are worth considering and evaluating your own personal convictions.

Generally these platforms, which are immensely popular, can be relied on to effectively store and host your data, but with all commercial entities if they do not remain competitive, or if they are taken over by another company, what is their plan or agenda then?

Data Hosting Platforms

Alike unto social media platforms, companies which solely provide the services of data hosting, storage and back up, provide you with a simple service of storing your files. However, the same or similar questions about your datas location, The governing geographical laws, privacy policies and terms and conditions are in place to allow them to some degree to use your data for their commercial purposes.

Generally with data hosting platforms you have more control as to how it is viewed and shared.

With data hosting platforms, as it is there so business purpose, what you’ll find is they actively seek ways to protect the integrity of your data, and preserve this through the adoption of modern technologies and storage systems. This removes the headache of concern that will come with “how do you move data from one generation of technology to another?”. Have you ever tried to copy a cassette tape to a CD?!

How do you protect the integrity of the data?

Imagine this scenario.

Your phone is stolen, your laptop hard drive fails and you don’t have a back up? Can you rely on social media to preserve all of your data; that is not just your pictures and videos but your documents, music and movies?

Do you go around asking all your family and friends to send you pictures and videos that have been taken and included you?

So how do you protect the integrity of data that is on your phone without sharing it with other people or platforms? What do you do if your phone is lost, damaged or stolen?

What about hacking, impersonation and identity theft? How do you reduce to the risk of these massive modern-day concerns?!

These are all difficult questions, but the reality of it is in order to enjoy the content that you’ve created or captured, you don’t want to be just viewing it one a small glossy bright screen. You are going to have to you share your data around a number of devices, or within your control of course. This will reduce the risk of losing your data completely.

It might even be a good idea sift through the swathes of pictures of your dinner, sunsets, blurry selfies and actually print them off or make a photo book of the best ones? Do you really need to have 100 pictures of dinners cats or random things you’ve seen on holiday.

Save the space, maintain control, and preserve the memories for generations to come.

At Cavtec Systems Limited, we offer an industry leading, robust, secure and easy to use solution that is fully automated. Our software is ready for you to use in a few clicks, you simply choose the files and folders you want to back up and our software does the rest behind-the-scenes.

We provide free apps for your smart phone and other tablet devices, so you can see what is being backed up and access your precious memories and data where ever you are so long as you have an active Internet connection.

The data that is stored using our service has several sites across the UK, and is encrypted during back up, as to maintain the integrity and security of your data.

Ask yourself, “how much do I spend on eating out which week?” Then consider this, our data backup solution costs £3per month. That’s around 10p per day. When you think about it that is absolutely incredible!

All of your data, backed up, safe, secure and encrypted, preserved for generations, all for 10p per day.

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