Nethermined 3 – Minecraft Event



Nethermined is back for its 3rd installment and it’s going to be better than ever!

Back in March 2016 Nethermined, with the support of Cavtec Systems Limtied hosted its 2nd event in Newcastle and had a few new additions to the event. Parental education, for one, was introduced, and due to the popular demand, we are bringing it back, and expanding our parents area thanks to Cavtec Systems Limited, who will be providing an increased number of PC Systems to allow for a greater experience to be had by all.

We also saw the introduction of our unique Minecraft workshops, where children could learn some interesting things about the game and also learn some key life skills along the way.

At Nethermined 3 you can also find an increased number of Special Guests around the venue, they will be there to put on live shows and host interactive sessions on our 2 stages throughout the day. They will gladly stop and say hello to you and take pictures if you ask them, there will also be plenty of opportunities for signings at the event. We are also bringing out a new ticket for Nethermined 3, we will be releasing our new VIP tickets, this will enable you to have some extra time with the YouTubers before the event opens the doors to the public.

If you are interested in going to the 2 day event, get your tickets here.

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