Business IT Security

At Cavtec we understand security is at the forefront of our customer’s minds. There have been numerous stories in the news about customer data being hacked and the damage that the breach had on the business. Company image, reputation and customer confidence is something that takes years to build but can be lost in an instant.

We supply business anti-virus with built in firewall from AVG and Symantec to protect and constantly monitor your system. This can also be centrally linked to the cloud and set to report back to us any issued identified.

We also supply hardware firewalls which protect your network at the point of entry from intruders.

Email security is also high on the list of our customer concerns. The scammers are finding cleverer ways to try and deceive customers into thinking they are receiving legitimate emails. If you have your own domain and email we have products which can filter your email before it is received; thus reducing the amount of spam and clutter in your inbox.

Business productivity can suffer greatly from time spent by employees browsing the internet, looking at social media and shopping when they should be working. Many social media websites have links which contain viruses, stopping the user accessing the website in the first place stops them going onto risky sites with the potential of bringing viruses\spyware onto their device and into your network.

We can provide an AVG content filtering product which can block user access to certain types of websites thus stopping the wasted time and increasing productivity and security.

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