Data Recovery

Whether your a Business, Home User or a student, your data is essential to you and what you do! The safety and integrity of your data then becomes the single most important precaution you need to take.

If your data or your Computer is compromised in anyway, whether by virus (or other malicious content) or through physical damage, we undertake to provide first line data recovery from a variety of media that do not require a clean-room facility.

We have on hand in-house expertise who are able to diagnose and assist in the data recovery process, maximising the chances of a full recovery of your data.

Diagnosis is Free of Charge

Recommendations and advice is provided on various backup methods that will ensure complete data integrity.

Contact us for more information regarding data recovery and on how we can best help you.

Newcastle: 0191 2861980 | East Grinstead (London): 01342 778604

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